Vehicle LED Lights

When it comes to road safety, awareness of your surroundings isn’t enough; being aware of your own vehicle is crucial. Don’t let burned-out or dim vehicle bulbs be the reason for a collision. Our energy-efficient LED car bulbs can last the lifetime of your vehicle, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be visible to other drivers. Choose from our wide selection of interior and exterior LED car bulbs, and replace old incandescent or halogen bulbs before they have the chance to cause problems.
For some time now, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been replacing incandescent bulbs as original equipment on new vehicles. They’re used in tail lights and many other applications, most notably as the running lights seen in the headlight housings of many new cars and trucks. But while the OE has made great strides in LED lighting https://sfexpo.org/product-category/vehicle-led-lights/, the aftermarket has been hard at work on much more. We can offer you everything from LED replacement bulbs to LED light fixtures for every part of your car or truck, to custom LED light kits that can create multi-color lighting accents and effects.
LEDs, which are semiconductors that produce light when current is applied, have many advantages over incandescent bulbs for a motor vehicle. They typically last 50,000 hours or more – far longer than the lifespan of the average vehicle; they’re insensitive to vibration, which makes them great for off-road use; they run cooler, which allows lighting designers to exercise creativity that would not be possible with incandescent bulbs; they’re more energy efficient, and every bit helps for better fuel economy; and they light up faster, making them particularly appropriate for brake lights.
The LED lights & LED light bars with the best service are here at RealTruck. Okay, before this starts to sound like an advertisement, we want you to know that everything you see on this page was chosen for its incredibly bright light and reputation for not coming loose. Just take a look and if you see something ya like, we’ll throw in free shipping with any order.
We have made quite a few custom trucks for our business — all of which included LEDs. We also use them on our own personal trucks, cars, and SUVs. But installation experience aside, we strive to separate ourselves by being real. It’s even in our name. We start by having a range of accessories that we’d be happy to have on our own vehicles. Then we spend lots of time studying the latest in auto accessory industry. That way you aren’t left hanging. We have a two-round interviewing process for every employee to first make sure they fit our work-hard, play-hard environment and then on ability. So, in the chance you need to call us we’ll not only have an answer for you, but there will be someone humble and understanding treating you like our next door neighbors.